Stand Up Comedy In Sheffield

By Otis Parsons

I went to the Riverside café/ bar last night to watch the free entry comedy open mic night. Speakers corner, takes place every second and fourth Wednesday of the month set up by Sean Morley. Speakers corner is part of Sean Morley’s ALT. COM. CAB. (Alternative Comedy Cabaret) which is a comedy production company.

I had never been to the Riverside bar before, it is very cool inside and I will definitely be going for a few drinks in the future. The open mic night was held upstairs, with a decent sized stage and enough space for around 40 people seated.

The Stage

The Stage

“Stand up comedy is bizarrely small in Sheffield”

I spoke to Sean Morley who hosts the Speakers corner night, he said, “Most large cities have three or four stand up comedy clubs, Sheffield doesn’t, since the ‘Last Laugh’ came which was huge, there isn’t really any competition against it, there’s only me and I think two other promoters doing it”.

The MC

The MC

“I have died horrendously on stage a few times”

Sean is a stand up comedian himself, he said he has been described as “rye and surreal”. I asked him what its like on stage and if he had ever had a terrible experience, he said “ you never stop getting nervous, but you get used to it, I have died horrendously on stage a few times, you either try to scrabble it back and do something good that will change their opinion of you, or you just gracefully leave the stage”.

I would like to thank Sean for letting me come and film, I would recommend Speakers Corner to anyone looking for some entertainment. Go along have a drink, support local comedians, watch some very funny characters put themselves out there and try to make a room full of people laugh, it was as awkward in part as it were funny, I had a great time.

The Riverside
Place Sheffield
Location The Riverside Café Bar
1 Mowbray Street
S3 8EN

Event Date

Starts: 08/05/2013, Time: 19:30
Ends: 08/05/2013, Time: 23:00


Admission is FREE to this event.

Telephone 07988120799

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